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Cotton briefs illustrate superior soil microbe activity with compost. This cement also makes aggregates less likely to crumble when exposed to water. Fungal hyphae further stabilize soil structure as their threadlike structures spread through the soil, surrounding particles and aggregates like a hairnet. In general, the abundance of microbes in soil is proportional to the organic matter content. Soils that have large amounts of organic residues regularly added to them tend to support a larger microbial population. Sandy soils, such as we have in this region, need the regular addition of organic matter to support a healthy soil microbiome. For more information on soil microbes, soil management and soil fertility, refer to "Building Soils for Better Crops," by Fred Magdoff and Harold van Es, available from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program at: . In our experiment, the three soils with compost yielded the mostly shredded undies; the less amended mineral sandy soils are practically ready to wash and wear. Sometimes it’s okay to air your dirty laundry.  The Arboretum is free and open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lloyd Singleton is director of the N.C.

Arizona Department of Education launches online tool to track statewide school's learning models More school districts in Arizona are returning to online learning heading into the winter months amid a new surge of coronavirus cases. PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Arizona Department of Education has launched a new online tool to help parents keep track of learning model statuses for school districts and charter schools across the state. The new statewide tracker uses self-reported data reported to the department by Arizona's 15 county superintendents, although the site indicates Maricopa County districts were taken from other public sources. Individual charter operators may also not be complete. LIST: Phoenix-area school districts alter plans as COVID-19 cases grow School districts in the Phoenix-area are starting to alter in-person learning plans as COVID-19 cases grow in Maricopa County.  The data is current as of Dec. 1. To check your school district or charter school,  click here . With cases on the rise, some state leaders and medical experts have called for more action from Gov. Doug Ducey to address the COVID-19 surge heading into the winter months. State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman said in a series of tweets Tuesday that "she was disappointed that this article our state and country failed to take a proactive approach to curb the winter surge of COVID-19." Today, @azedschools released a new statewide tracker to indicate whether schools are in distance, hybrid, or in-person learning models. With no indication that #COVID19 cases will slow in the coming weeks, most are opting for distance learning models. — Kathy Hoffman (@Supt_Hoffman) December 1, 2020 On Nov.
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